Here is our testimonial:

Our hellhound Pit is now a kitten and we're so proud to take him out in public. 

Gotti was once a beast on a mission to shred any other animal, and now he ignores them, all in just a few hours of work. Don was our last hope before we sent him to the pound. Thank you for keeping our family together.

Emil and Gina
Running Springs, CA.


The Fastest, Most Affordable and Effective, 

In-Home Training There Is! 

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly our dog Rex improved. No more destroyed furniture and no more biting! We expected it to take more than six months. We were pleasantly surprised that Rex had been trained in a couple weeks. Kudos to you!

Mark and Grace Wilson  Rancho Cucamunga, CA.

Hear what our clients have to say about us-

We are extremely happy with our dog training. Mr. Don West really amazed us with his training techniques and success. Our dog is literally, after 1 session, a new dog. I was at the end of my rope, until Don showed me how simple training my dog really was.   Thank you!
Linnea W.         Alta Loma, CA.

Dog Training Services

Don, we wanted to let you know how happy we are with your training services. We noticed a difference in our Dog immediately. The techniques you showed us, have enabled us to maintain all the progress Bernie has made.
Thanks for everything!

Cynthia and Kevin Woods
Highland, CA.

Don's methods will bring you and your pet a new life together. Unbelievably, it literally starts the day he comes out. Your dog will learn respect and follow commands within minutes or seconds of the beginning of training! We are very pleased with Don and cannot recommend him enough. Thanks!

Mike & Lisa
Redlands, CA. 


I love the patience and care shown by Don and his assistants. They took their time and really connected with my kitty, Whiskers. Our children love to play with Whiskers now, and we aren't afraid of scratching anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!

Dawn and Mario Hernandez    

Loma Linda, CA.