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Patience, Care, and Compassion: 

Every animal has a unique personality and disposition, meaning that every animal needs to be trained accordingly. This requires a special trainer, with a wide range of experience and wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to train a young animal, or an older one, you need expert guidance to effectively train your animal. Our training is tailored to your needs and wishes, as our services include personalized instruction in your home, at a time that is convenient for you and your lifestyle. 

​​Don't forget our "No Bull" Guarantee! TM

If you're not happy, it's FREE! 
(No questions asked!)

You pay, when we are done, NOT before!

Plus, we include: 
Unlimited Lessons for life! 

No Fine Print, Tricks or Gimmicks!​


Dog Training Services

The Fastest, Most Affordable and Effective, 

In-Home Training There Is! 

  • Unlimited! In-Home private lessons
  • Basic obedience training (sit, stay, come, etc.)
  • Advanced obedience training
  • Feline behavioral modification and training
  • Potty Training (Puppies and older dogs)
  • Training for older dogs
  • Canine socialization  
  • Off-leash training
  • "Hard to train dogs"
  • In your Home or office
  • Behavior modification for timid dogs
  • Mild aggression management
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking, jumping, chewing, digging, etc.

We include all of the following:

​​All for just $399!

No "Fine Print", "Tricks" or "Gimmicks"

   ...Like "FREE CONSULTATIONS", fake "SALES", or fake "DISCOUNTS"


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Serving the Inland Empire for over 40 yrs!
"If you can find a Faster, In-Home Service, for Less Money, with Better Guarantees.... We'll pay for it !" 

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At K-9's WEST,  

Unlike other In-Home training services:

-We do not charge thousands of dollars! 
do not sell you 10-15 lessons, then only give you a 20-30 min. lesson each week, covering only one command each time, so it takes FOREVER and costs a FORTUNE!

We’ll show you how to get your dog to obey ALL of the basic commands, ON & OFF LEASH, right in front of you, in just minutes! That’s right, JUST MINUTES!

We'll show you how to correct aggressiondigging, chewing,
barking, jumping, potty trainingpermission to enter or exit doors, gates, etc.

Most importantly, your dog will respond to you, that day! 
Not 10 or 15 weeks later! GUARANTEED! Or it’s FREE!